Toll Free

Toll Free services give your customers a convenient way to contact your business. Dialink’s top carrier partnerships allow us to be your single source provider for nationwide toll free origination.

With Toll Free Services your customers dial a toll free number and callers are routed to a termination location of your choice. You have the option of selecting a toll free number that’s easy for your callers to remember (subject to availability). Options include the ability to route calls to international locations and to block incoming toll free calls by area code, exchange or phone number.

This nationwide service transports toll-free calls originated on the public switched telephone network (PSTN) anywhere in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) area and terminates them to your dedicated TDM and IP endpoints, or via switched termination to standard phone line.

Dialink Toll Free Service Features
  • Disaster recovery – Leverage our integrated TDM and VoIP networks to increase your service reliability or disaster recovery capabilities, or to support your VoIP migration plans.
  • Call routing – Design your service by the routing capabilities of our Toll-Free service, such as percent allocation or SIP REFER to help increase efficiencies while driving down costs.
Dialink Toll Free Service Benefits
  • Feature Group D quality – From a network built to demanding standards.
  • Seamless migration from TDM to VoIP – Leverage our extensive VoIP experience and integrated TDM and VoIP capabilities to gain flexibility and control in developing a migration path based upon your business needs.
  • Best value - The advanced network was architected and built to deliver operational efficiencies. Carrying more than 4 billion minutes a month in voice traffic translates into economies of scale and more savings for our customers.
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