Partner Program

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Find the partner level that is right for you.

Dialink offers two levels of partner involvement. Independent IT consultants and small technology service companies receive one-time commissions through the Referral Partner program. Larger businesses may be eligible for recurring revenue as Solution Partners.

Referral Partners.

Ideal for IT consultants and businesses providing technology and integration services to a small customer base. Dialink assists in closing sales and provides one-time referral commissions depending on total new order recurring monthly revenue.

Solution Partners.

Ideal for value-added resellers, consultants, integrators and professional service companies that serve a large growing client base and actively market their services. Solution Partners receive comprehensive training and have the ability to close Dialink sales independently. Solution Partners are paid a residual commission of the installed monthly revenue.

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Mobile Integration

Dialink’s Mobile integration enables eMail and text messages to be sent to users smart phones with .wav file attachments for their voice mail, with full Blackberry and iPhone integration and support.

>> Call in to the VM system to make outbound calls.
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