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Service Features Business
Call Center
Dedicated Phone Number Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark

Each SipSpeed phone comes with its own phone number (or DID). Additional phone numbers (Virtual Phone Numbers) can be purchased and routed to any extension or device.

Toll Free Numbers Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark

SipSpeed offers inexpensive toll-free number service for your business. Add a toll-free number service for as little as $4.99 per month.

E911 Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark

SipSpeed provides E911 services to all its business customers as mandated by the FCC. For full details of E911 service and limitations, please visit our knowledge base.

Phone Number Porting Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark

Local Number Portability (LNP) enables consumers in the United States to transfer their existing telephone number (traditional or Internet-based) from one phone service provider to another. With SipSpeed you can request your number to be ported free of charge.

Virtual Numbers Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark

Be in two places at one time. Virtual Numbers is a great added feature to your SipSpeed service plan. Do you need to service large numbers of customers in a particular city or state? Simply add a Virtual Number and give them a local number to call you, thereby providing enormous savings to your customers! Your Virtual Number simply rings your primary SipSpeed line. Virtual Phone Numbers are available in most U.S. area codes.

System Features Business Professional Call Center
Voicemail Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark

SipSpeed comes with over 600 hours of voicemail storage, as well as all the advanced features you would expect from a premium phone system. One-touch from your office phone. Dial in remotely from any phone. Voicemail to email via .wav files. Online access via the web control panel.

Phone-based Management Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark

Manage popular calling features directly from your phone. SipSpeed subscribers can initiate Caller ID Blocking on/off, Call Return, and Call Waiting Disable with the press of a few keys.

Call Transfer Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark

Route calls with ease whether from extension to extension or extension to PSTN.

Call Forwarding Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark

Users can use their personal Web Admin Panel to enable automatic call forwarding to an internal extension or external number based on any number of rules. Rules include “Busy”, “On no answer”, “Unconditional”, and "On Internet Outage"

Do Not Disturb Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark

When you are in an important meeting or need quiet time, put your phone in a state that will not ring and have them automatically forwarded to voicemail.

Caller/Call Waiting Number Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark

Get the Caller Number (if available) of all incoming calls on the display of your phone.

Click-to-Call Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark

Click-to-Call is a plug-in for the Firefox web browser that turns any phone number on any web site into a click-to-call link. Click the link and your phone will automatically dial — it’s that simple. Click-to-Call will even take your Aastra and Polycom off-hook so the whole experience is hands-free. Use Click-to-Call with CRM software for instant productivity gains.

Scheduler Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark

Want to play different messages to callers at different times of the day? Or perhaps you want an entirely different Call Menu on weekends and holidays (new!), with different options for your callers to choose from. Use SipSpeed’s intuitive Scheduler to create and apply schedules that will make your phone system work for you — even when you have gone home for the day!

Night Mode Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark

Have a small office that opens when your first employee arrives and closes when your last employee leaves? Night mode is a feature for companies that want to “turn on” their phone system in the morning and put it to night mode at the end of the day with a few key presses.

BLF Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark

Want to glance quickly at your phone and view the status of employees’ extensions? SipSpeed now has BLF for Aastra phones. From the company directory in the User Control Panel, you can now set and sort the employees that you would like to appear on your BLF buttons.

Auto-Attendant Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark

This feature lets callers “Press 1 for Support” or “Press 2 for Sales.” Auto-Attendant is as easy to use as it is powerful. With simple clicks of the mouse you can manage call flow, build scheduled responses, forward calls off-site, and more.

Music on Hold Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark

Music On Hold (MOH) is as simple as uploading MP3 files using the web-based administration panel. SipSpeed Standard Edition comes with 2 playlists, giving you the ability to play different audio tracks for calls coming into different departments or queues. Use MOH creatively to highlight promotions for new customers, up sell current customers, or calm angry customers calling your support team.

Ring All Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark

Each SipSpeed deployment comes with a free Blast Group. A Blast Group takes one inbound call and rings all phones. The first to pick up gets the call. Of course you get to choose which phones go into the Blast Group, and which get to enjoy peace and quiet!

Name Directory Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark

SipSpeed comes preconfigured with a professional “spell-by-last-name” directory. Callers are simply prompted to “spell the first three letters of the party’s first or last name” and then automatically connected to the requested extension. Don’t want to be in the Name Directory? No problem. The administrator can easily exclude specific extensions.

Telecommuters Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark

Employees can travel outside the office or between offices with an IP phone (or softphone) and keep their same extension numbers. Never again will you have to leave the message, “I am out of the office today.” Answer your extension from home, the hotel, or even your cell phone as if you’re still glued to your cubicle!

Web Admin/User Panel Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark

Our Award winning web interface comes in two flavors:

  • An admin panel for administrators, giving them the ability to manage all aspects of your phone system remotely.
  • A user panel for individual users, allowing them to manage their personal configurations (such as listen to voicemail, click to call people back, and much more) from anywhere in the world!
Powerful Reporting Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark

From the Web Admin Panel, you can view real-time call logs for all extensions with powerful search and filter parameters.

FindMe Check Mark Check Mark

Allow callers to find you wherever you are: on your cell phone, at home, or at a branch office, based on rules you create. Make FindMe work for you with various features such as a scheduler, simultaneous ringing, and privileged lists.

Boomerang Check Mark Check Mark

Welcome to our trademark Boomerang Mobile Integration feature. Used in conjunction with FindMe, Boomerang Mobile Integration allows you to send a call that has been forwarded to your cell phone right back to any extension. Simply press a few keys on your mobile phone and... presto... that call is redirected to your assistant or back to your own desk. You can even record calls on your mobile using Boomerang!

Call Screening Check Mark Check Mark

Call screening allows you to talk to who you want, when you want. When you enable FindMe® on your extension, you can optionally use call screening to screen the calls that are forwarded to your mobile, home, or other phone numbers. Before the call is forwarded, the voice prompt will ask the caller to record their name, and that recording will be played to you before you accept the incoming call. SipSpeed takes call screening to the next level!

Conference Bridges Check Mark Check Mark

Don’t pay extra for conference bridges. SipSpeed comes preconfigured with up to 5 conference bridges depending on edition. Conference bridges can support as many combined participants as you have phone lines.

Extension Groups Check Mark Check Mark

Your organization may not be flat — meaning that some employees have responsibilities that others do not. Our new “groups” system allows you to build extension groups and then assign permissions to those groups.

Paging Check Mark Check Mark

Want to send a page to the whole company or just a certain set of employees? Simply build a “group,” assign that group an extension number and begin paging them!

Intercom Check Mark Check Mark

Many companies offer Intercom, but do you know any others that offer Zone Intercom? With SipSpeed you can dial a zone and have an ad-hoc conference with everyone in that zone!

Voicemail Groups Check Mark Check Mark

Want to send a voice message to multiple people? Use our Voicemail Group feature to easily build groups of people. Then just dial the number of your group and leave a message. Seconds later everyone in the group gets a new voicemail!

Advanced Call Forwarding Check Mark Check Mark

With a few clicks of the mouse you can forward an extension to another extension, a cell phone, or even to another part of your Auto-attendant. This let’s you build creative IVR trees to meet the needs of your business.

Call Return Check Mark Check Mark

When listening to their voicemail, your employees can press a key to call the person right back. This feature can be enabled or disabled on a per-employee basis.

Call out Check Mark Check Mark

When accessing Dialink voicemail system, your employees can make outgoing calls. This can be a great toll-saver allowing “billable” calls to be kept within your domain. You can enable or disable this feature on a per-employee basis.

Report Exporting Check Mark Check Mark

Extend SipSpeed’s powerful reporting engine to create .csv files that you can import into applications such as Excel and Access.

Customer Caller-IDs Check Mark Check Mark

SipSpeed lets you customize the inbound Caller-ID name/number to each department and lets you change your outbound Caller-ID on a per-extension basis. This allows you to block, reveal, or change the Caller-ID of every extension in your office!

IVR Authentication Check Mark Check Mark

With a click of the mouse, you can password protect any part of your Auto-Attendant. Use this feature to protect your conference bridge or your priority queues.

SMS/Pager Voicemail Notify Check Mark Check Mark

This feature gives you the ability to enter an SMS or pager email address in order to receive voicemail notifications on that device. These notifications are short in length and do not include the actual audio attachments.

This feature can be used in conjunction with our Voicemail-to-Email feature. This means you can receive similtaneous email alerts (including optional audio attachments) to one email address and SMS/pager notifications to another address.

Upload voice prompts Check Mark

This feature gives you the ability to upload highly professional prerecorded voice prompts when simple recordings from your phone (Standard Edition) just won’t do.

Unlimited Call Queues Check Mark

Each queue comes with a variety of options:

  • Personalized audio announcements give your queue that professional sound.
  • "Hold Time" announcement frequency customization.
  • User/agent priorities for more effective call routing.
  • Hold time limits so callers do not remain in your queue for extended periods of time.
  • Caller limits for keeping queue call volume to a manageable level.
  • Length of time after fielding a call before the same agent is called again.
  • And much more!
Full Featured A.C.D. Check Mark

A.C.D. (Automatic Call Distribution) allows you to route incoming calls to your users/agents in many different ways to facilitate your business needs:

  • Ring all — 1st to pickup gets the call.
  • Ring one person at a time in order.
  • Ring in order, with memory.
  • Ring least recently called.
  • Ring user with the fewest calls.
  • Ring a random person.
Skills-Based Routing Check Mark

Assign each agent a priority, and your queue will distribute calls to them accordingly. This means you can pass more leads to your star closer, or pass fewer leads to your underperformers. SipSpeed has an additional layer of prioritization based on agent order. This means you can have similarly skilled agents who receive calls in an ordered round-robin fashion.

Graphical Queue Reports Check Mark

All SipSpeed customers receive unlimited inbound calls, free extension-to-extension, as well as calling to and from any other SipSpeed subscriber. Standard per/min charges still apply on toll free numbers.

Agent Call Recording Check Mark

Choose an agent, and select how many of their calls you want to record. SipSpeed will then record this specified number of calls and automatically stop recording when the limit is reached. Call recordings capture agent name, agent extension, date, time, Caller-ID, DNIS and file size. Using our web-based interface, you can then listen to calls right from your computer speakers, or download them to your local drive.

Agent Variable Log-off Check Mark

Want your agents to be automatically logged out of their queues upon missed calls? Well, you can now decide, on a per-agent basis, how many calls that agent can miss before they are logged out.

Agents on Cell Phones Check Mark

Remote agents on cell phones or analog home phones can now seamlessly participate in your queues. This means that callers will never know if the answering agent is on an IP phone in your office, or on a mobile phone in another part of the world!

Real-time Queue Stats Check Mark

Would you like to know how many callers are in your queues? Need to know which agents are logged in? Need to know which of your agents is already on a call? The SipSpeed Admin Panel answers all of these questions, helping you to manage your queues with real-time stats.


= Comes with purchase

—   = Not available

* Standard fixed line calls only; mobile and "premium" calls incur additional charges.

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